In 7 Words: Clyde Beats

It’s refreshing to acknowledge that our true interests and motivations are often what drive us, and it’s okay to embrace our authentic selves. It’s not about pretending to be someone we’re not or trying to fit into a certain mould.

Magic Number – Badly Written Songs

Although his last release was some time ago, the next instalment from Magic Number is upon us. Thankfully, the new album, ‘Badly Written Songs’, will make the long wait seem worthwhile. 

In 7 Words: Peacey

A creative bubble inhabitant, chief bucket list crosser-offer with my debut album dropping 2024, a maestro of melodies for you delightful folks, a collaboration connoisseur, always remixing, a perpetual learner, a dreamer of expensive synths I can’t afford, a dad, a hubby, and a full-time job juggler. Oh, and I also go by the name Peacey. Pleasure to make your acquaintance! inhales dramatically

The RAH Band in 5 Mag Chicago

The RAH Band are featured in the new issue of 5 Mag Chicago where Richard Anthony Hewson picks his 6 and gives us the lowdown on each one. • Read more at  5 Mag Chicago Producers Choice by The RAH Band This issue is respectfully dedicated to the wonderful Mike Huckaby who we as a label had a

The RAH Band – In 7 Words Interview…

Q1. You’re? In my studio making music I like and hoping somebody else might Q2. When? As a mere child in 1956  I heard the music and saw the light! Q3. Why? Back then  I used to listen on my shortwave radio to Willis Conover’s Jazz Hour on The Voice of America while in the

TrueSelf – In 7 Words interview…

Jamie ‘TrueSelf’ Radford shares his day of thoughts with us.