Like being hit by a Jugganaut! Mist Works are Back!

Less Than Ten Presents:

• Mist Works
• Jugganaut

Writing and producing dance music in “Less Than Ten” running processes? Indeed this sounds a little out of the norm especially for modern Digital Audio Workstation abilities, but where have the ideas gone? Energy and ideas are strengths and not having limitless options of sound is key to strong character-full music.

Written, produced & Mixed by Martin Iveson & Simon Tew
Mastered by Martin Iveson at ARCo. Labs
Published by Westbury Music Ltd. / Full Thought Publishing
C&P 2015 Less Than Ten
Design by Stuart Boyd

Less Than Ten is a subsidiary label of Atjazz Record Company

Mizgir – Surya / Ya-Rus

Introducing the brand new series of releases from Atjazz Record Company “Years Of The Abstract” boasts some of the worlds most technically abled electronic producers showcasing their sound across this very exciting release outlet.

First of which is the amazing sound of Mizgir hailing from Ukraine.

Sounding like his music has been beamed to us from another plant, Mizgir’s sound is more than a galactic space journey, as it is also very organic to the ear, what a pot of electronic gumbo this is!

With a nod to traditional Indian instruments seamlessly melding with amazing technical production accuracy, and layers of distant haunting vocal bites, this new sound is a long overdue breath of fresh air in this claustrophobic musical world. Surya being the leading song runs through at pace with delicate sub tones and impeccable sonic production, flowing like an unstoppable river it quickly becomes a real ear feast, with a perfect balance of sharp and smooth sound. Yu-Ras follows up with a more serious note, playing out its bumpy rhythms over a well-designed electronic field. Layered with lush organic instrumentation both songs tell a wonderful story, close your eyes and zone in, you will not be disappointed.

“Mizgir is one of the few new producers turning the right corners, flipping modern music on its head, while keeping his music totally playable – Amazing! – Atjazz

• “Interesting, off-kilter science but with a lot of musicality” Jimpster (Freerange)
• “Great Abstract EP well produced” Rocco (Realtone)

Written and produced by G. Taraman
Mastered by Martin Iveson @ the At-Lab
Sleeve design: Stu @
© & (p) 2012 Atjazz Record Company