Deep Hosue

Cazuma & Andreas, Seriously devoted to their craft.

As Cazuma Mori &  Andreas Saag enter into their 2nd release with ARCo. you can hear their “Devotion” to their craft.

Following on from the successful release of “Bird” in March 2015 this cross continent duo of Cazuma & Andreas have returned, showcasing their usual panache, with their second ARCo. Single: “Devotion”. The eponymous track starts with a soaring synthesizer note, which slowly and surely leads us into a deep bass vibe that massages your senses. Then, as the sensual melody lifts, our maestros take things a further notch up by introducing the vocal slices, initially subdued then powerfully present, that phase in and out of the track. As the beats and the bass caress your ears, the vocal and synthesizer combo take your mind to a realm of sonic pleasure.

For those who like their music deconstructed then, as a special treat, the title track is followed up by the “Beats” and the “Beats & Voice” versions of the piece. Definitely worth a listen as this releases previously kept secrets about the layers of music that have gone into this masterpiece of polished production. Finally we embark upon the closing piece “The Late Arrival”. An impressive mixture of rough, deep notes and pensive, profound hooks that create an insanely creative counterpoint of styles. The cut moves at an enjoyably relentless pace, as we are taken further into Cazuma & Andreas’ world of light touches, deep sounds and creative styles.

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