Years Of The Abstract – Jonatan Backelie – To The Bottom


We’re pleased to be bringing you the production talents of Jonatan Backelie for our next Y.O.T.A release. The multi talented instrumentalist, singer and beat-smith takes a healthy side step from the centre in his latest offering ‘To The Bottom’.

Opening with a glitched out sub heavy rhythm ‘Rave to the bottom’ immediately sets out its intentions of lighting up any well-seasoned dancefloor. This one is not for the faint hearted as Jonatan peppers the production with 8 bit synth swatches that are not scared to sit right out front. The intense work put in is obvious, as the organic piano that appears late in the day sits effortlessly with the lab crafted sonic science that opens the release.

Step to the bottom offers a slightly different take on the same sound, with a stripped down edit that forms the backing for a well crafted bell tone to shine through. Whether you rave there or step there, Jonatan Backelie is taking you ‘To The Bottom’.


Written and produced by Jonatan Backelie
Mastered by Martin Iveson in the Atlab
Sleeve design by Stu @
Published by Westbury Music Ltd.
(c) & (p) 2013 Atjazz Record Company

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