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The RAH Band – In 7 Words Interview…

Q1. You’re?

In my studio making music I like and hoping somebody else might

Q2. When?

As a mere child in 1956  I heard the music and saw the light!

Q3. Why?

Back then  I used to listen on my shortwave radio to Willis Conover’s Jazz Hour on The Voice of America while in the Merchant Navy as a cadet, teaching myself guitar and realizing I’d rather be a jazzer than drown in the South China sea


Q4. Watching?

Favourite films – Stanley Kubric’s “2001” & “Dr. Strangelove”

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.44.19

Q5. Hearing?

The dawn chorus

Q6. Playing?

Stravinsky, Duke Dumont, Tchaikovsky, London Electricity, Tony Bennett & Bill Evans, J.S. Bach, Jim Hall, the House Sound of Chicago,  Joe Jackson, etc,etc…

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Q7. Loving?