Peacey – Play It By Ear

Peacey’s debut album ‘Play It By Ear’ is available worldwide on all digital platforms.

It might be his debut album, yet Peacey’s “Play It By Ear” is a body of work crafted as though by a scholar. And where better for this work to emerge from than Derby, UK’s Atjazz Record Company, a label with a rich heritage and many strings to its bow?

This eclectic sonic journal catalogues the evolution of Peacey, documenting his interactions with, and influences from, some of dance music’s notable players. It’s an album that will attract discerning ears and open minds; minds attuned to a multitude of genres as it visits Hip Hop, Nu-Soul, House, Garage, Boogie and Fusion.

As well as the expanse of influences it draws on, “Play It By Ear” presents its distinctive characteristics: accomplished songwriting, skilful production and heartfelt performances from all. The clear drive to propel dance music is evident throughout. Not only are the songwriting and performances legendary, but the whole album drips with rich production, thanks to the use of vintage mics, classic synths, Rhodes Piano and plenty of live instrumentation.

During the profound journey of creating this album, Peacey contemplates how the primary motivation for this work stemmed from a need to find solace from deep emotional upheavals he experienced. “This album will never be finished, but I’ve learnt to let go. And what better way than to start writing and exploring your emotions through songs?” mused Peacey.

The listening experience begins with the eponymously named ‘Play It By Ear’. Like an orchestra tuning its instruments, the mood is set and the production ethic established; the horns are introduced and emotions are ramped. We now embark on our first vocal track: ‘Love in the Forest feat. OVEOUS’ is street poetry exploring the merits of love, bringing along the essence of New York. Peacey is then joined by labelmates Clyde and Atjazz for ‘Hold Me Back’. Co-written and sung by Clyde, it’s an organic yet polished bumpy dancefloor cut, topped and tailed with horns by Toronto-based Octavio N. Santos. It’s also his album debut single, so watch this space!

The album features outstanding vocal talents and Rona Ray is but one. She performs over Peacey’s infectious mid-pace hook for ‘Playground’, another of the album’s singles. Vanessa Hidary’s masterful and sometimes manic spoken word performance is complemented by live percussion that drives the mood of ‘Culture Bandit’. If the drums of ‘Falling Down’ don’t make your day, then the soulfully delivered vocals of labelmate Sarai Jazz will. Relaxed? Well, don’t lose your focus because Sabrina Chyld ushers in another wonderful 4×4 tune, and her soulful delivery yearns us to ‘Find a Way’.

‘Dear Uncle Tim’ pays homage to the inspiration behind this album. This man introduced a young Peacey to electronic music! So sit back and absorb the ethos that radiates from this incredibly expressive piece of music. Although the album is drawing to its close, it’s still ‘Runnin’, thanks once more to Sabrina Chyld. What a vocal, and what a bassline. And over the next offering, lush percussive layers and synths invite Emilie Chick to lay her smooth vocal tone delivery over ‘Don’t Send Us Back’?

Peacey – Play It By Ear – Album Pre-Listening Party

Come and join us for a pre-album release listening with Peacey & Atjazz in the house. Talking all things album production and how it feels for an artist to release a debut long player. Questions are welcomed in the chat, and please note, do make sure you’re logged into your Bandcamp account so you can join the chat. :)


In 7 Words: Peacey

Peacey forthcoming album ‘Play It By Ear’ is now available for pre-order / pre-save

Q1: You’re?

A creative bubble inhabitant, chief bucket list crosser-offer with my debut album dropping 2024, a maestro of melodies for you delightful folks, a collaboration connoisseur, always remixing, a perpetual learner, a dreamer of expensive synths I can’t afford, a dad, a hubby, and a full-time job juggler. Oh, and I also go by the name, Peacey. A pleasure to make your acquaintance! “inhales dramatically

Q2: When?

I may be as time-starved as a dessert buffet at a weight loss convention, and finding a spare moment might be like hunting for treasure in a sandcastle. But when it comes to my friends and musical family, consider this the golden hour – I’m all ears!

Q3: Why? 

Because I love what I do and I do what I love. Happiness is my currency.

Q4: Watching? 

The never ending spinning wheel of death on my studio computer, Youtube cat videos, binging Prime like it’s an Olympic sport, getting lost in mind-bending documentaries, and enjoying a zillion comedy and sci-fi films when insomnia pays a visit.

However, of late, the new series of Frasier and really enjoying season 1 of “Bodies” on Netflix

Q5: Hearing?

Is still good in my 40’s, aside from the occasional tinnitus serenades it treats me to. It’s my way of adding a touch of avant-garde to my audio experience!

With the joking aside, creativity is my constant companion, I’m in a perpetual state of listening. When it comes to crafting music, I eagerly welcome the unexpected and pursue ideas with the daring spirit of a child in a toy shop.

Q6: Playing? 

The fool, aways. Ask my friends and wife and they will confirm this!

But seriously.. the music that grace the airwaves in my humble abode might surprise you. Even if it’s not a style or genre I’d showcase, I’ll find inspiration in the most unexpected sounds and that’s the beauty of it.

Q7: Loving?

My wife, children, friends and of course my beloved ARCo. family. without them, I am a shell.

….And the fact that I have my debut album dropping. Did I mention that already? :)

Artist Focus: Peacey


Introduced to the world of vinyl in the 80s by his Uncle Tim, Peacey was immediately mesmerised. Little did Uncle Tim know of the butterfly effect he’d trigger, as this introduction laid the foundations for a far-reaching, impactful and lifelong journey through music.

Peacey’s evolution took in plenty of clubbing, assimilating the art of DJing, and eventually, production, which brings us to his current destination: Peacey’s debut album, ‘Play It By Ear’. It’s an eclectic sonic journal, cataloguing Peacey’s interactions with, and influences from, some of dance music’s notable players. However, how did we get to this point and what else shaped the Peacey we know today?

Growing up in a Christian musical family, as an acclaimed organist, Peacey’s grandad would leave an indelible mark. Peacey would often find himself absorbed in programming the organ’s albeit primitive electronic drums, together with programming its peculiar, entrancing arpeggiator sounds. These moments would serve as foundations of his enduring connection to instruments and music from this very young age.

The DJ Journey

By the 1990s, Peacey’s musical trajectory took another turn as he became heavily influenced by Jungle and Hip Hop. This shift was bolstered by a visit to his friend Tiz, whose elder brother introduced him to Technics turntables. Peacey rapidly honed his skills, making mixtapes and even adding emceeing to his repertoire. The ascent of UK and Speed Garage sounds prompted Peacey to delve deeper, even building a custom antenna to discover pirate radio stations. It was on Nottingham’s Groove City FM that he stumbled upon DJ Chris Lockdown. Impressed with Peacey’s talent, Chris offered him his debut warm-up slot at Derby’s renowned Loft. From there onwards, Peacey’s ascent throughout the DJ world continued, with memorable radio appearances, DJ residencies and an unforgettable gig at the Ministry Of Sound.

Production and Collaborations

Peacey’s tech-savvines, his musical abilities, and not to mention almost two decades of mentorship from lifelong friend, Martin Iveson, all ensured a fruitful progression into music production. Peacey’s proficiency with analogue synths and platforms like Cubase resulted in him producing exciting and distinctive sounds. Collaborative efforts bore their fruit too, with significant work alongside Craig Smith on the ‘Unknown Formula EP’. His debut album, ‘Play It By Ear’, is a testament to this musical journey. The album features collaborations with Clyde and Atjazz and reflects upon a journey of poignant moments and personal experiences.


Peacey would consistently draw inspiration from a broad circle of talented individuals. Apart from family influences like Uncle Tim and his grandad, local talents like Scott Thompson, Scott Lorimer, Lee Whitehead and Marcus Shukla, Clyde and Martin Atjazz Iveson, to name but a few, all played pivotal roles in Peacey’s development.

To encapsulate what brought him to the point of releasing his debut album, Peacey humorously referenced his notorious attention to detail: ‘Don’t let the ADHD get in the way of a good album’, he quipped. After all, ‘Play It By Ear’ is a meticulously written and recorded catalogue of music. It’s an album that will attract discerning ears and diverse audiences, thanks to it spanning a multitude of genres including Hip Hop, R&B, House, Garage and Fusion.

Abel – Jazz In The Room (Jimpster & Peacey remixes)


After an amazing festival season, with DJ after DJ dropping Abel’s last output ‘CAN’T LET YOU GO (FEAT. RONA RAY)’, we’ve some exciting development to disclose. We’re elated to announce that two of our favourite remixers have joined the ‘COSMIC LAW‘ lineup and will be remixing Abel’s ‘JAZZ IN THE ROOM’.

Although no introduction is needed, for the second time on the label, we’re more than stoked to welcome back the mighty ‘JIMPSTER’ on remix detail. ‘JIMPSTER’ does what only he can do, and he loads us with an outstanding arrangement and re-composition of Abel’s original. With layers almost impossible to unpeel, the groove is locked down tight. This rendition will undoubtedly become a mainstay for the true deep-house heads.

To enhance this offering further, our very own ‘PEACEY‘ steps up to the mixing desks. We’re incredibly proud of his almost untouchable quality of work, and this time ‘PEACEY’ turns out a brilliant remix-dub which builds gently, yet demonstrates total direction throughout.

Enjoy the ride folks! There’s “JAZZ IN THE ROOM”!

Craig Smith & Peacey grace us with ‘Formula Unknown’

Pure Deep House, yes, it’s as simple as that!, Craig Smith & Peacey have been crafting these songs on and off over the last 3 years and are now ready to unleash them to the world.

• Stream & Download

7 beautifully crafted songs based around the title song FORMULA UNKNOWN. This EP ignites the senses with its opener THIS WORLD which sets the scene softly, followed by 2 more subtle yet incredibly interesting works, before they let loose with the power of Formula Unknown & its wonderful versions. PEACEY’S DUB BOX strips the original to the bones then he re-builds the song into a very dance-floor friendly workout. ATJAZZ & TRUESELF really make things interesting with FM radio samples and lead lines & bass from the incredible ARP 2600 synth, a real mash-up of styles and really bizarre in parts but retains a very strong backbone.

DJ MIX! – Peacey – The Borough Collective Mix

Atjazz – Everything (Peacey Remix) (Forthcoming on Atjazz Record Company)
Atjazz – Track 3 (Mix 1) (Atjazz Record Company)
Paradiso Rhythm – White Sands Resort (Hustler Trax)
Baffopizz – Promo Only (Jolly Jams)
Kornél Kovács – Dollar Club (Studio Barnhus)
Dimitri from Paris & Rocca – Zanzibar (Gomma)
Artist Unknown – Mantra (Peacey 3AM Remix) (Forthcoming on Atjazz Record Company)
Floyd Levine – Masala (David Mayer Remix) (Upon You Records)
&Me – After Dark (Keinemusik)
Craig Smith & Peacey – Formula Unknown (Forthcoming on Atjazz Record Company)
Borrowed Identity – Faith (foulandsunk)
Fouk – Gruff (Ron Basejam Remix) (House of Disco)
Atjazz – Track 5 (Mix 1) (Atjazz Record Company)
Urulu – Orion (Voyage)
Jimpster – Silent Stars (Freerange)