Jorge Bezerra, Grammy Winner joins the ARCo. Family.

We would like to wish a very warm welcome to Jorge Bezerra, the newest member of our wonderful family of artists.

Your search for captivating music has brought you to Jorge Bezerra’s ‘Òrun Aiyé (Deluxe Edition)‘.  Within this Percussion Maestro’s debut album is a call to travel from Jorge’s hometown of Rio de Janeiro, onwards across all continents as he amalgamates his craft with other accomplished and recognised names. The resulting album conveys a unique array of sounds, drawing from the true spirit of Brazil in perfect harmony with genres including Jazz through to Electronic Music.

This Grammy Award-winning Musician has worked alongside many great artists throughout his career, notably on Ludovic Navarre’s St Germain project, on stage with the wonderful Melody Gardot and as an integral member of the Joe Zawinul Syndicate that allowed him to share the stage with other greats, such as Herbie Hancock, Bebel Gilberto, Hitonari Tsuji, Cheick Tidiane and Bobby McFerrin.  Recently, Jorge has reached even deeper into the realm of Electronic Music as he lends his talent to projects with Boddhi Satva, Atjazz, Zepherin Saint and many more.

This release is brought to us through the esteemed Derby, UK-based Atjazz Record Company, with the label boss injecting his unique dancefloor-pleasing sound into this superb project. In addition, you’ll find more mind-melting remixes from industry stalwarts Zepherin Saint, DJ Brahms, La Dame and Nacho Sotomayer: a sublime collection of reworks that are all to be enjoyed here!

To fully savour this rewarding offering, find yourself a good sound system and explore the far-reaching wonders of Jorge Bezerra’s ‘Òrun Aiyé (Deluxe Edition).

OYOBI – Crossroads (Vincent Sebastian & Atjazz Remix)

Electronic, spiritual & experimental music from OYOBI, remixed by OYOBI’s own Vincent Sebastian & the UK’s Atjazz.

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Spinning the album version of Crossroads on its head, Martin “Atjazz” Iveson and Vincent have added subtle, yet elegant changes to this incredible piece of music which also features the wonderful vocal tones of MAITÉ INAÉ & QVLN, complementing it with layered analogue & modular synthesizer lines, and with additional percussion performed by Vincent himself. Crossroads is but one of the brilliant pieces of work to be heard from their outstanding album “Transcendence”.

OYOBI – Mi Ritmo (feat. Malo Malo)

“Mi Ritmo, an awesome Latin-Jazz collaboration with Danny G Felix and Malo Malo and taken from the epic debut album by Australian super-trio OYOBI, entitled TRANSCENDENCE.

Vincent Sebastian, Adam Ventoura & Daniel Pliner (OYOBI) team up with Danny G Felix and his Colombian Orchestra Malo Malo on Mi Ritmo and elevate this wonderful piece of modern Latin-Jazz-Dance to great heights. Layers upon layers of beautiful lively percussion, horns, piano & bass make this a very exciting start to what is turning out to be an intoxicating musical journey.

Remix detail from OYOBI Producer VINCENT SEBASTIAN who drops a more 4×4 feel to the original song design with great elegance, ROSARIO takes things really deep, super-deep even, seriously, this is such proper deep house!, and last but not least NICOLE TANIA stirs things right up with this modern take where 808 drums lead the way. Something you can really get your teeth into!

(V. Sebastian, A. Ventoura, D. Pliner, D. Goodacre)
Produced by Vincent Sebastian and Oyobi
Keyboards, Synthesisers, Piano: Daniel Pliner
Bass: Adm Ventoura
Drums, Congas, Cowbells, Shakers, Shekere, Clave, Timbales: Vincent Sebastian
Lead Vocal: Adrian Barragan
Backing vocals: Adrian Barragan, Danny G Felix, Frank Sabadibap, and Jeimy Castillo
Additional percussion (Tambora, Bells, Shakers): Camilo Rengifo, John Paul Avila, Sergio Ramirez
1st Trombone: Brahian Aguirre
2nd Trombone: Isabel Roch

This isn’t just Afro-House, It’s Rancido’s Afro-House. #thief

Rancido is quickly making his mark in the world of house music and its many sliding genres. Thief is a little more of the chain with its rolling and forceful attitude; it also delivers a sonically stunning sound-scape and drives dance-floors effortlessly. Backing this up is an amazing piece of laidback house music in the form of ‘”04”, a string and rhodes-layden piece of music for late night chilling, some amazing work from Rancido on this incredible release. Atjazz comes through to fill up the release with his remix of the title song, taking it a little more astral and electronic but retaining the guts from the original. We’re sure you’re gunna love this one.



01. GB-ZVM-14-00022
02. GB-ZVM-14-00023
03. GB-ZVM-14-00024

Written and produced by Randy A.W. Tjon-A-Fon
03. Remix and additional production by Martin Iveson for Atjazz
Mastered by Martin Iveson & Randy A.W. Tjon-AFon
Executive producer: Martin Iveson
(c) & (p) 2014 Atjazz Record Company