Time for battle!

Kaidi Tatham || Katie Barber || Atjazz || Marcia Carr || T. Maronie || Bunny Bread


TMP and the POW (Stop Making Sense) bring together some of UK’s best Underground DJs, expect a sound clash fusion – old hybrids meets new electronica and beyond.

Following on from the huge success of SoundcLash at the end of January things have gone into overdrive with the interest for another party so in response to the the public cry for more we are only happy to announce that SoundcLash ‘Round Two’ is here – Saturday 22nd March is the date to bookmark for the next heats of the male and female dj battle of the finest beats and rhythms rattling the dance floors of the Underground.

● As team captains: Kaidi Tatham (2000Black) and Marcia DaVinylMC (Mi-Soul) gather their ‘arms’ of music mustards we are joined by very special guests – they guys need all the help they can rally in truth.Enter into the ring Atjazz Record Company artist the kingpin himself Atjazz who has taken up the gauntlet to assist The Ladz. Joining him to fortify their efforts of bombarding of eclectic rhythms, beats and grooves to try and dizzy The Ladyz is Jazz Re-Freshed aficianado Bunny Bread (Code Emphasis).

● Once again repping for the women: Alongside Marcia (team captain) Katie Barber and T. Maronie are stacked up with right credentials, they are more than able to hold court showing one and all that us Ladyz across the musical spectrum know how to get you dancers and clubbers alike in a spin – you had better be ready to take the good vibes and pretty shapes to the dance floor.
‘Round Two’ of the SoundcLash promises to be another fab night of music splendour of Broken Beats, Future Boogie, the all essential dubplates and colour assortment of all that is House music.
We’ve lots of good humour and banter and chat to anhilate de bwoy dem and de man dem who feel able to stand up to the test and take the Lash that is the SoundcLash.

• Bring your ID for a hassle-free entry.

With the new year come fresh ideas and new beginnings in clubland. ‘Soundclash’ brings together a variety of Dance music’s splintering forms: electronic breaks, syncopated beats, fusions of rhythms and melodic grooves to fuse with analogue styles and templates of familiarity within those sounds of the old school that music heads and clubbers still gravitate toward.

Taking advantage of that Talking Music Productions’ Marcia Carr and the team behind Stop Making Sense and the Bedroom Bar have hit the ground running with a venture that brings together some of UK’s fine Underground talent to present this one-off special, a high flying showcase of music expression.

10 – 4 | ENTRY: £8 ADV, £10 OTD

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