Fred Everything – Alone (Together)

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Fred Everything isn’t a name one tends to throw around willy-nilly. Fred’s contributions to the world of dance music can’t be measured and his ability to continually roll out quality music is unmatched in his field. A dear label brother to us here at ARCo. We’re always overjoyed to have the rare opportunity to release his solo creations to the world.

Alone (Together) is electronic but rather organic and reflects the origins of Fred’s work. Sounding super-classic Fred weaves his arrangements in and out and throws drop after drop into the mix. Phoenix is a little flipped in style, although still retaining the classic sound Fred has become known for, the beautiful cascading chord sequence takes you away and makes for a gorgeous listening experience.

Things just got real, po-lar-i-ty stepped in for remix detail! Yes, Osunlade & Burlie Mac in their newly found togetherness have flipped the script completely here, as they inject even more class to this already gleaming release. Their version bounces freely around a vocal loop, glissando harp flourishes, and swept lush chords.

Really classy deep-house gear to get your ears around on this very attractive release.