Goshawk & Erik Rico – Transatlantic Soul 1

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With a rather large slap in the face, Goshawk & Erik Rico bring forth their fantastic ARCo. debut TRANSATLANTIC SOUL 1. Although this may be a label debut for this dynamic duo, Matt Rhythm (Goshawk) yes, that guy “Matt Rhythm” from the very popular Rhythm Plate has been releasing music alongside Martin Atjazz since 1997. Old friends reunited once again through the power of good music.

Let’s talk about Erik, and we’ll start this with the word “Wow!”. His performances on these songs ooze with funk & soul as Erik seems to flow effortlessly throughout the release and not only with his slick vocal tones but also lending a hand as he contributes on “The Rhythm” with vocoder, bass & guitar!

Both songs are leaders, both have their own cheeky character and both SLAP! We take great pride in welcoming such brilliant talent to our humble label.