Insde Jullian Gomes’ “Late Dreamer” Album with Traxsource

Inside Jullian Gomes ‘Late Dreamer’ Album

South African producer and DJ Jullian Gomes has had an exciting few years, working with the likes of OmarBlack Coffee and Atjazz. We caught up with Gomes to discuss his brilliant new album ‘Late Dreamer’ – out now on Atjazz Record Company – A work full of Soulful, Deep and Afro influences and featuring Lazarusman, Bucie, Martin Iveson and many more..

Jullian Gomes – “This album is based on a true story, where i fell asleep in my own reality trying to build other peoples dreams. Late Dreamer is the spark of realisation which made my mind go into overdrive thinking way back to a time where it all started for me. Working my day job to make my daily bread and falling asleep in my home studio in the dark of night pushing to carve my musical career. Waking up one morning ‘late’ to go to my day job, I asked myself the question “What am I late for?” this lead to my priorities shifting and i made a decision that i could never turn back from. I wanted Late Dreamer to me a story rather than a House Album with 10 Songs. All i hope for is that my story can spark the overdriven mind of another Late Dreamer to follow their Dreams.”

“Late Dreamer” Album is available on Traxsource: ‘HERE’

1. Dream (feat. Oveous)

This is the intro of the album, The part where i fall into this dream. I had the great pleasure of working with the talented wordsmith OVEOUS. The idea of this piece is more about getting a message across to people on how we can all avoid becoming victims of social conditioning and how to break way from the stereotypes placed above us.

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