Jullian Gomes, It’s not all about music.

Jullian Gomes talk to Atjazz about all the “other stuff”. Not gicing too much away even though Martin poked and prodded him for information. This guy is Cooler than Cool!

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Atjazz –  You’re a stylish young fellow, how important do you think image is being a travelling musician, producer, DJ?

JG – lol, I just put on what i feel. I think its important to represent yourself the best way that suits your personality.
Music and fashion have a lot in common, So at the end of the day you just got to do you.

Atjazz –  You’ve been to the UK many times now, how do you find it compared to home?

JG – Cold!! On a serious note, love the UK and i feel like i have a family there. I always just try and absorb all the good energy out of traveling around the world but i always bring it back home to South Africa.

Atjazz – Are you excited about your hit single being released on Vinyl worldwide?

JG – More than excited, As you know this is a song that is really close to me, a lot of sentimental value added in the recording. Im really happy with the remixes by Atjazz & Charles Webster and I’m glad we could have it on Vinyl, Which i always wanted. So overall I’m humbled by how everything turned out.

Atjazz –  You’re playing Southport Weekender’s SUNceBeat festive later this year, hows that working out for you as there seems to be the creme de la creme of South African DJs going this year?

JG – Yeah, Definitely. Iv heard only good things about the festival and I’m really looking forward to playing alongside some amazing Dj’s and friends.

Atjazz – What equipment do you use and what instruments really work for you?

JG – I Would say my mind is my biggest instrument, The ability to hear things from a different perspective and tell a story with it is what I’m trying to perfect on a daily basis.

Atjazz – How has the South African club scene changed in the last couple of years since its peak a few years ago?

JG – Its changed from back in the day, The super night club is non existent. Club Culture has changed in the form of clubs scaling down to more or less of a lounge set up, more intimate kinda vibe. Laws passed down from government have also made it harder for the aspiring club owner to get their business rolling, So its resulted in more outdoor and independent events around the country.

Atjazz – Any more G.Family music coming?

JG – We’ll have to wait and see

Atjazz – Well, thanks for that last answer Jullian, really gave us something to get our teeth into!. So there’s a man who plays his card close to his chest and rightly so, a young genius and style addict.

Love Song 28 is out now on limited Oxblood red splat picture disc vinyl. Digital hits the stores 16th May 2014.