OYOBI Transcendence

Sydney-based Vincent Sebastian, Adam Ventoura & Daniel Pliner (OYOBI) are a trio of incredibly talented musicians. As a collective, they’ve raised the bar of electronic Latin-infused jazz to soaring heights. Transcendence is their debut full-length album for which they teamed up with musical maestros Malo Malo, Qvln, Maité Inaé and Ahyko who all interject their own secret blend of melodious spices to this luminous body of work.

This rewarding long-player kicks off with the masterfully concocted body-mover, Mi Ritmo. With horns and percussion to die for, what a blinder to start with. With deftly delivered piano and keyboards, Crossroads satisfyingly continues our journey. Do you want it tougher? Then the title track is what you get. The original will not disappoint, nor will ARCo. label owner Atjazz’s Galaxy Aart Remix: a take that plays on a sassy guitar hook and a complementary synth line playfully dancing around it. Orula (feat. Qvin) gives a false sense of security, courtesy of its feel-good vocal chants. But there are many more layers to come, including dope percussion, a harder beat and enticing synth lines.

Always save a killer to close with, said no one, but it would be sound advice. Well, that’s what the OYOBI crew have done with Me Voy. Fast-paced congas and rich 70s-Esque hats lead into chord jabs, brazen plucked bass and atmospheric strings. A gem of a vocal hook accompanies us throughout the build-up to be met with a bassline holding our groove in place, give or take the odd divine breakdown. The closing jewel to a treasure trove of music. Have you not streamed it yet? Off you go…