!Sooks – Pot Pourri EP

Hailing from the very beautiful kingdom of Eswatini / Swaziland, this young & positive multi-award winning producer drops his stellar ARCo. debut

Pot Pourri boasts four superb songs starting with IMAGINE a raw driving number featuring the well-loved LAZARUSMAN on vocals. This song rolls with serious filtered saw tones that endlessly drive forward, not for the weak-hearted but definitely for the dance-floors and discerning listener.

DYER GROOVE follows and breaks molds as blues guitars fill up the picture and glue down onto the bumping and chugging sub-grooves.

Midway through the EP, you’re gifted with JBIY, No beats here, just a very welcomed rest after the onslaught of the previous two bangers! !SOOKS shows his softer side with this blissful trip.

Ending this wonderful EP is W.S.G, which is straight-back-in, and you realise you needed the restful movement of JBIY before this one throws it down!. This is a really polished techy builder, modern styles pour out of this one in droves and its almost trance-like melodies pull the song upwards, a euphoric finale to an amazing debut EP.