Boddhi Satva, throwing it down!

The Ancestral Soul master debuts on ARCo. with this deep and introspective release. 

Boddhi Satva, a household name when it comes to musical origins primes up two lush pieces of work, where he weaves his iconic afro-centric beats into Deep House with incredible results. Yes, this may be deep, but with Boddhi’s kick drums, it’s rather hard to sit still. The production on ‘House Dancer’ is what Boddhi is best known for, his mathematical snare patterns and low bounding synth lines push this song forward with serious intent. ‘Tribute to Cielo’ is the real raw cut on this EP, straight in with an infectious chugging house beat which falls right into bass & synth chords leaving you drifting into space, this one gets you into the meat fast!

We’re very happy and incredibly proud to be representing such talent on our humble label.