Tomahawk Bang – IndigeTech

Three years after his highly-rated initial release with Atjazz Record Company, we are proud to welcome back the inimitable and inscrutable Tomahawk Bang for the release of his debut album, IndigeTech. With years of high production standards under his belt, as well as having already developed a singular reputation for exploring musical spirituality, Tomahawk Bang allows us a sneak peak inside his culture, his homeland and his deep ancestral connections with this release.

Starting with H O M E, a delicate and rhythmic introduction that sets the tone for the piece, Tomahawk Bang’s skill in coming up with an original idea and then punctuating it with complex arrangements will become a hallmark of this sonic journey. This is music built around movement! Informed by his decades long experience as an accomplished House dancer, Tomahawk Bang’s ability is evident in the slow and steady pace, counterpointed rhythmic hits and insistent hooks. This carries through to The Sacred, with its standout vocal chants and melodic percussive notes, cementing the message that this is a profound and personal release. ETHNOCIDE, brings a more menacing and earthy vibe that evokes a feeling of his homeland amongst Arizona’s Onk Akimel O’odham tribe. This natural and uninhibited sensibility carries through to the finale in Descending On An Unknown Planet in a way that lets you know Tomahawk Bang is a man with something to say!

This is a wholly new take on the genre, with fresh ideas from a man who can draw on various musical styles, but always with a solid connection to his roots. Tomahawk Bang displays a remarkable ability to imbue his music with the very spirit of the earth that he lives on. IndigeTech is a new take on the genre, a fresh way of creating sound and a vision of the man himself in musical form.