Atjazz – In 7 Words Interview…

Atjazz – In 7 Words…

Q1. You’re?

Making this newsletter, remixing for St. Germain & Brownswood, Running things at the label, Keeping the peace, Buidling Walls, Building Modular Systems, Prepping 3 albums, Being a good father and mentor and trying to find time to sleep and drink wine.

Q2. When?

In the moment and only in the moment.

Q3. Why?

I have to do music related work, because my stomach and heart tell me to.

Q4. Watching?

Grimm… I’m a sucker for Buffy style TV series.

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Q5. Hearing?

Nils Frahm and anything syncopated… I’m a modular synth freak, what can I say!

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.12.45Screen Check his album – Spaces here:

Q6. Playing?

When spinning at gigs, usually a lot of my own music as I play with it live.

Q7. Loving?

My family Amanda & Aart and my friends who are my extended family. One has to learn to love oneself also in order to be strong for your loved ones.