Ben Marc – In 7 Words Interview…

Ben Marc – In 7 Words…

Q1. You’re?

About to finish this heavyweight track I’ve mixed and produced. And can not wait for my E.P. to be released on Atjazz Record Company. Also to make strides to become a better person, musician and producer!

Q2. When?

I pull out the big guns

Q3. Why?

It’s all I know…beats, harmonies and BASS

Q4. Watching?

People, family, friends, artists grow into good creative souls. Allowing them to achieve what they want to achieve.

Q5. Hearing?

Abashanti play his records through his ridiculous sound system, it brings warmth to all mankind.

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Q6. Playing?

I need to start stepping up my hustle for DJ Gigs… I’m ready to go!

Q7. Loving?

Where I am at the moment. I have good people around me with positive energy. long that may continue. Love you all. You know who are.

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