From Jazzanova to Sygaire, Roskow Kretschmann’s ‘Dschumm’ breaks musical moulds.

As we hit no.5 in the first series of “Years Of The Abstract” we thought we would finish off with a bang, with a song now ten years old, and by someone who has more talent than we can possibly write about. Label owner, composer, producer, DJ, engineer, mastering wizard & sound restorer Roskow Kretschmann, or otherwise known as Sygaire, Intega and Kosma was one of the founding members and main producers of the world famous “Jazzanova“. His work on their “In-Between” album is something of a world wonder; this man is an amazing studio workman and incredibly humble to boot. Check out his label “Black Pearl Records” which he runs along side his label partner Tom. Now working solely on his own productions, Roskow has crafted a masterpiece of modern electronic soul and yes, it’s “10”, that’s “Ten” years old and now refreshed for release. To accompany the original “Dschumm” has been taken to the dance-floor by close friend and collaborator “Enzo Elia”, a man known for his interest in anything vintage and musical, a man who also loves his acid house, disco & analogue keyboard music. Check out his beats on this remix as they are super-mega-deadly-awesome. Also take a look at Enzo’s very interesting record label “Balearic Gabba”, with a name like that, you can gauge that things could get a bit weird, or maybe not!… This release has a very interesting sound set and we hope you take a moment to absorb the craft on this one.