TrueSelf – In 7 Words interview…

TrueSelf – In 7 Words…

Q1. You’re?

Ready for a beer! How about you?

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Q2. When?

Whenever really, I’m easy (not like that. Cheeky!)

Q3. Why?

Sometimes I get thirsty. Is all.

Q4. Watching?

Q5. Hearing?

Q6. Playing?

Fresh cuts from Andreas & Cazuma, forthcoming Atjazz & TrueSelf remixes, Craig Smith & Peacey, Si Tew, DVS1, Route 8, Leon Vynehall, Ady Suleiman, Leftback Records, Henry Wu, Session Victim, ARCo fam and too many more to mention.

Q7. Loving?

The idea of finally getting to grow my own vegetables and herbs this year. Oh yeah! ;)