TrueSelf Presents: Various Artists – The Good Cause

We are donating 100% of sales income to “Frazers House Brain Tumor Foundation” in order to support the charity who are helping families to be close to their loved ones who are in critical hospital care.

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Jamie ‘TrueSelf’ Radford has brought together these amazing artists to celebrate the memory of Frazer McDermott who sadly lost his battle to an optic nerve glioma on the 13th of September 2011.

Frazers House is a charity that aims to help parents with accommodation and a place to rest whilst their children are undergoing probably the most traumatic times of their lives. It is also to enable their parents to be close to their children in time of critical hospital care. Frazer was a very special human being who loved to paint and draw even though his eyesight was heavily affected by his condition. He also loved and listened to music everyday where he would join in on his guitar strumming away for hours on end. Frazer was an inspiration to many and always optimistic a very positive young man who loved to joke and laugh.

This project, which has been overseen, guided and fully supported by Martin Atjazz, has allowed us as a label to acknowledge and contribute to a charity that is very close to our hearts.

100% of the sales profits generated from both the artists and record label will be donated to Frazers House Charity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in this beautiful project for their selfless generosity and support.

For more information please go to:
Charity Registration Number: 1146263

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01. TrueSelf – Definition Of Brave
Produced by James Radford

02. Djinji Brown – Guerillas Milk
Produced by Djinji Brown
Published by Yoruba Peoples Music / Sony ATV

03. Blacksmif – Cage & Aqua
Produced by Yemi Olabaiye

04. Si Tew – Slow Everything (feat. Amy Claire Scott)
(Tew, Scott)
Produced by Simon Tew
Vocals by Amy Claire Scott
Published by Full Thought Publishing

05. Leaked Wisdom – River Poetry
Produced by Andrew McGinty

06. Catz n’ Dogz & SLG – Something Pulls Me Back (feat. Nicholas Ryan Grant)
(Demianczuk, Taranczuk, Seliga, Grant)
Produced by Grzegorz Demianczuk, Wojciech Taranczuk & Lukasz Seliga
Vocals by Nicholas Ryan Grant
Published by Pets Recordings 2013

07. Osunlade – Infinity (Acoustic Version)
Produced by Osunlade
Published by Yoruba Peoples Music / Sony ATV

08. Karizma – I Got My Music
Produced by Karizma
Karizma (ASCAP) Published by Music Allstars BV

09. Axel Boman – Coco
Produced by Axel Boman in Studio Barnhus
Published by Copyright Control

10. Jozef Jordan – World Music
Produced by Jo Jordan
Published by N/A

11. Atjazz – Air
Produced by Martin Iveson
Published by Westbury Music Ltd.

Mastered by Martin Iveson at ARCo. Labs
Executive producers James Radford & Martin Iveson
(p) & (c) 2014 Atjazz Record Company

TrueSelf Presents: The Good Cause
Frazers House Charity
Charity Registration Number: 1146263