Atjazz – 20YA That Something Else! CD OUT NOW!

Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson continues to celebrate notching up two decades in deep house, this time via an expanded reissue of his largely overlooked 1999 debut album, That Something. The album originally appeared on DIY Discs offshoot DIYersions, and saw Iveson combining his love of tactile, atmospheric deep house with jazzy keys, and the kind of sublime synthesizer sounds he later explored more extensively on 2001 full-length Labfunk. This reissue contains two discs of obscure and previously unheard bonus material. CD2 contains unreleased archive material recorded between 1995 and ’98 – including some especially good downtempo gear – while CD3 features alternative versions, bonus cuts from 12″ singles, and a smattering of tasty remixes. That it all still sounds fantastic is testament to Iveson’s impeccable production skills.

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CD 1
1. “In & Out 2”
2. “Mess Up”
3. “Everything”
4. “Against All Odds”
5. “Joystick”
6. “Facet Of Jazz”
7. “Wind & Sea”
8. “Peanuts”
9. “Storm”
10. “Open A Window”
11. “Eastern Sound”
CD 2
1. “Inspired By”
2. “Ghost Spaces”
3. “Dark Slide”
4. “Touch”
5. “Blue Interlude”
6. “Move Baby”
7. “Stray Idea”
8. “Galactic Home”
9. “Move, Move, Move”
10. “K’Thwack!”
11. “Believe In Me”
CD 3
1. “Slide It In”
2. “Sassy”
3. “Slide It In” (Charles Webster remix)
4. “Story”
5. “Back To The Center”
6. “Story” (Si Tew remix)
7. “Nerve Service”
8. “Wind & Sea” (Nacho Marco remix)
9. “This, What Make Me Tick!”
10. “Peanuts” (Trueself remix)
11. “Slide It In” (Atjazz remix)