Atjazz gives us the lowdown on his 20YA anniversary release!

Photo by: Keyboard Magazine from 1999.

20YA That Something Else! is a collection of music from my early days of production. My first album ‘That Something’ has never been re-issued on any format since 1998 and I though it was a good opportunity to allow new listeners of music sound to hear where it all began.

Further to this I have DAT tapes loaded with 10’s of songs from those original sessions that were never used and stay on the cassettes until the mastering sessions for the 3x CD release.

CD1 is a re-mastered re-issue of ‘That Something’ with a few edits and an up-to-date version of ‘Wind & Sea’ which was one of my first big songs.

CD2 is a collection of music created in my basement studio between 1995 & 1997 and has been edited and mastered for the release.

CD3 is reclaimed music and some old & new remixes. A classic and still a favourite remix of ‘Slide It In’ from Charles Webster, I’d say this remix was far ahead of its time and sounds perfect for the crunchy house market which is very popular today. My two side men, Si Tew & TrueSelf bring some future sonics to their awesome reworks of ‘Story’ & ‘Peanuts’. This just gives a balance of what was and what is now.

Listen & Purchase the CD from Juno Records here >

I do hope you enjoy these early works, it’s a tough job releasing music today that has such history and was made on such a small amount of basic equipment, it goes to show that some music doesn’t really go out of date and I hope this also allows a little step-back and patience in today’s busy world.

Atjazz x