Craig Smith & Peacey grace us with ‘Formula Unknown’

Pure Deep House, yes, it’s as simple as that!, Craig Smith & Peacey have been crafting these songs on and off over the last 3 years and are now ready to unleash them to the world.

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7 beautifully crafted songs based around the title song FORMULA UNKNOWN. This EP ignites the senses with its opener THIS WORLD which sets the scene softly, followed by 2 more subtle yet incredibly interesting works, before they let loose with the power of Formula Unknown & its wonderful versions. PEACEY’S DUB BOX strips the original to the bones then he re-builds the song into a very dance-floor friendly workout. ATJAZZ & TRUESELF really make things interesting with FM radio samples and lead lines & bass from the incredible ARP 2600 synth, a real mash-up of styles and really bizarre in parts but retains a very strong backbone.