RK Fusion – Time Flight – 12″ Vinyl Campaign

A brand new Jazz cross-over project from two British legends who need little introduction. KEV BEADLE & RONNIE TURNER bring us a wonderful piece entitled TIME FLIGHT. A brilliant combination of Jazz and Dance where the balance is set perfectly. 

LINK: http://bit.ly/arc091sl

Infectious and fidgety Jazz rhythms meet a modern house music flow and these two styles combined carry the rolling bass and choppy chords from beginning to end with grace. Ronnie also offers up his own 4 TO THE FLOOR remix which nudges the original over into the realm of house but retains a very powerful high Jazz energy.

THE JAMES L’ESTRAUNGE ORCHESTRA craft yet another masterpiece with their exciting rendition. A massive sonic drives throughout this remix with their trademark polished finish, a classic in the making as they let their story unfold.

TOM FINN thickens things up with his slick remix, this is definitely aimed at the dance-floor, a rich Kick drum holds things down for the glorious humming keys and floating musical details to drift over effortlessly.