D-Malice – In 7 Words interview…

D-Malice – In 7 Words…

Q1. You’re?

In the DM.Lab right now, working on remixes and future projects!

Q2. When?

Right Now!

Q3. Why?

Because I love making music!

Q4. Watching?

“The Walking Dead Season” 5 I’m #Addicted, and “Empire”, You’ve got to check that out, it’s about music and a messed up family, very entertaining!

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Q5. Hearing?

Right now I’m loving what Soulection are doing music-wise, it’s something different to what I do, so it inspires my creative thinking/flow!

Q6. Playing?

In London on the 17th at The Basement, Edition Hotel with Kid Fonque, and will be in Amsterdam 31st of May at Eastville Festival and Supperclub on the 1st of June…for more info visit www.d-malice.com

Q7. Loving?

Life….oh and curry!

And let’s watch him in action @ YOMO