EXIST (Atjazz & Karizma) – Do Mixmag Lab, Simply Salacious & Lamerica.

Martin “Atjazz: & Kris “Karizma” have recently set out on a new musical journey together to “Exist” once more in this crazy old dance music scene and this time when performing live they will by accompanied by Ross Hillard & Tom Wardle aka Magic Number.

Check the guys this Friday 23rd LIVE in the Lab with Mixmag… You can watch online below.

They will be performing Saturday 24th @ Simply Salacious 10th year anniversary party at Plan B, Brixton London.

Tickets: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/107009


They will also be performing Sunday 25th @ Lamerica’s 16th year anniversary party, Cardiff.

Tickets: https://lamericapromotions.ticketabc.com/fb/events/lamerica-16th-birthd/


Watch them in action: “Wow”

Exist: Photo by Charlotte Jopling

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