This isn’t just Afro-House, It’s Rancido’s Afro-House. #thief

Rancido is quickly making his mark in the world of house music and its many sliding genres. Thief is a little more of the chain with its rolling and forceful attitude; it also delivers a sonically stunning sound-scape and drives dance-floors effortlessly. Backing this up is an amazing piece of laidback house music in the form of ‘”04”, a string and rhodes-layden piece of music for late night chilling, some amazing work from Rancido on this incredible release. Atjazz comes through to fill up the release with his remix of the title song, taking it a little more astral and electronic but retaining the guts from the original. We’re sure you’re gunna love this one.



01. GB-ZVM-14-00022
02. GB-ZVM-14-00023
03. GB-ZVM-14-00024

Written and produced by Randy A.W. Tjon-A-Fon
03. Remix and additional production by Martin Iveson for Atjazz
Mastered by Martin Iveson & Randy A.W. Tjon-AFon
Executive producer: Martin Iveson
(c) & (p) 2014 Atjazz Record Company