First flight with ARCo. Cazuma & Andreas ‘Saag’ make a perfect landing.

This is the first of two very exciting releases from the insanely talented “Cazuma & Andreas”. This pairing already boasts superb releases for the much sought-after labels Mule & Local Talk. With their up-to-date sonic output and incredible production skills, they have quickly become an act to watch in the hectic world of dance music.

“Bird” is a very cool number and is very sympathetic to today’s Deep House sound. It shuffles in impeccably; indicative of usual, accomplished production skills that flow through their catalogue. We then follow up with the flipside, entitled “Sleepscope”; where we’re thrown into a world of ambient techno-soundscapes, warm undercurrents and analogue rhythms backing up blissful arpeggios.

Keep your ear to the ground as this is not to be missed by anyone who likes house music polished and sparkly!