Introducing “Abel” Our newest deep house hero!

Welcome to the family Abel!

ROUGH OR SMOOTH offers an emotive body of electronic music. A taste for deep, electronic house music and a passion for traveling sets Abel’s table with a full plate of inspiration, enabling him to dive deeper into his music production. The album features few with Abel standing strong as the main sound provider. Inviting old friend and former studio partner CRAIG JAMES to participate and subsequently MARCEL NOUVEAUX, a soul vocal artist from West London now residing in Sweden.

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This album also sees a wonderful cameo appearance from his 7 year old son ELLIOTT. ATJAZZ features throughout the album in differing roles, key to guiding Abel through his process and assisting with additional keyboards and production. Being the Son of a Jazz musician it’s really no wonder his music carries depth, emotion and style yet he incorporates his love of the moody ‘Deep House Sound’ circa 1998, very warm and rather gritty!. An early drifter and never finding comfort sitting still or settling in one place for too long, he found peace in moving continuously through Europe, mainly traveling around France, Austria and Holland. Years later, a chance meeting in Croatia connected Abel with Atjazz, they linked up and worked out two singles.

These releases were suspended pending an album in the making and… “Rough Or Smooth” was born! This is a true journeyman’s Deep House album, generating evocative and stimulating sounds for both the clubber and the specialist looking for a little more depth in their House Music collection.