Mpeshnyk – The LIES EP

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Over the past ten years, South Africa’s ‘MPESHNYK’ has crafted his own unique style of reflective electronic music. This collection of tunes isn’t your usual fare, and nor does it follow any current trends. Superbly made and mixed down, this EP opens gently with an ambient landscape piece entitled ‘Infinite Consciousness’: lushness flows from the well-crafted pads and conjures up an array of images to set the tone.

This is then followed by the more upbeat ‘Levitation’: without the definitive stomp of the signature ‘kick drum’ you’d be fooled into thinking that this EP may belong more on the chill tip. Well, don’t be fooled, as tracks 3 and 4 are surely set to ‘bring it’ to the dance floor! ‘Broken’ and ‘Brink of Disaster’ are both testament to the wonderful growth of Mpeshnyk’s abilities where he throws these two brilliant chunks of talent onto the table, with impressive skill and great determination. This is certainly a man you should keep your eyes and ears on this year