OYOBI – Mi Ritmo (feat. Malo Malo)

“Mi Ritmo, an awesome Latin-Jazz collaboration with Danny G Felix and Malo Malo and taken from the epic debut album by Australian super-trio OYOBI, entitled TRANSCENDENCE.

Vincent Sebastian, Adam Ventoura & Daniel Pliner (OYOBI) team up with Danny G Felix and his Colombian Orchestra Malo Malo on Mi Ritmo and elevate this wonderful piece of modern Latin-Jazz-Dance to great heights. Layers upon layers of beautiful lively percussion, horns, piano & bass make this a very exciting start to what is turning out to be an intoxicating musical journey.

Remix detail from OYOBI Producer VINCENT SEBASTIAN who drops a more 4×4 feel to the original song design with great elegance, ROSARIO takes things really deep, super-deep even, seriously, this is such proper deep house!, and last but not least NICOLE TANIA stirs things right up with this modern take where 808 drums lead the way. Something you can really get your teeth into!

(V. Sebastian, A. Ventoura, D. Pliner, D. Goodacre)
Produced by Vincent Sebastian and Oyobi
Keyboards, Synthesisers, Piano: Daniel Pliner
Bass: Adm Ventoura
Drums, Congas, Cowbells, Shakers, Shekere, Clave, Timbales: Vincent Sebastian
Lead Vocal: Adrian Barragan
Backing vocals: Adrian Barragan, Danny G Felix, Frank Sabadibap, and Jeimy Castillo
Additional percussion (Tambora, Bells, Shakers): Camilo Rengifo, John Paul Avila, Sergio Ramirez
1st Trombone: Brahian Aguirre
2nd Trombone: Isabel Roch