Pat Bedeau – Dance Of The Inca’s

Pat Bedeau, the main man behind the BEDFUNK imprint is back in, hot on the tail of his recent stellar output on NERVOUS RECORDS. Pat has many styles to share, and with this one, he hits it just right and just in time for Summer! Dance Of The Inca’s is a spritely affair, offering up beautiful Latin-licked acoustic guitar performed by the brilliant ZIGGY FUNK and fluttery Sax & Flute from “FINN PETERS” all held together by Pat’s undeniably solid beats. The combination of both music and rhythm drives this song forward with undying energy, a really sweet piece here from Pat.

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Shouldering up alongside the title number is another similar work entitled “Summertime”. Pat lays down slight elements of Dance Of The Inca’s, but takes the journey further, introducing different melodies and instrumentation for a more in-depth experience.

ATJAZZ lends a remix to the title song in the form of his LOVE SOUL REMIX. Here, things get a little choppier where the introduction of fresh shuffling beats and soulful melodies are introduced in true Atjazz style.

We really hope you love this ARCo. debut for Pat as there will much more to hear from him in the coming months.