Atjazz & OVEOUS – Soldiers Official Music Video

A seriously heavyweight co-op between NYC’s OVEOUS & the UK’s ATJAZZ!. Straight in the deep end with a four to the floor scorcher entitle “Soldiers”. The name itself may lead one to understand there could be a war going on in there, but not one of bombs, guns & missiles but a story of a war of acceptance in the face of ignorance. ATJAZZ had an energy he wanted to release and OVEOUS a serious story to tell. “Soldiers” is the outcome and your feet will thank you for it!. “Don’t be afraid of my black hoody!” – OVEOUS”.

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Song Lyrics:

I am a colored man
From the motherlands
That painted both of my hands
With the ink of the Incas

The kind of people that made
Love to the ocean when they
were trying to sink us

When they told us that Jesus
could walk on water when they
Failed to defeat us

The fetus of our kind
Never hit rewind
And wind up
Giving life to freedom

Life to innovators
Life to heroes
Life to kingdoms

Life to soldiers
who Sacrifice their vices
To become righteous leaders

We are warriors of the Heart

And swing swords of compassion
In the face of your reaction
To my black hoodie

Stop being afraid of my black hoodie
Stop being afraid of my shadow

Shadows were meant
to have Your back
To secure the Love
you carry forward

I am the ink on your empty canvas
A picture on Your wall hanging

With memoirs of a bright future
Shining from a black sun

Did you forget  that we too
know how to kiss babies on their

Now go ahead
and swim in the holy water
we used to baptize your principles

It’s not that difficult to remember us

They gave us February
But we celebrate all the way
to December

I don’t want you to just remember
I want you to become a soldier

Load up between your shoulders
With the gift of critical thinking

I’m singing a song about legacy
Against the plague of ignorance
As the enemy

Become a friend of me
And I will show you colors
That Love has never seen before

I am A soldier
Carrying language as my weapon
Leaving stains of scripture
Throughout History
To remind you

That you need this color
To make a masterpiece


Produced by Martin Iveson for Atjazz
Lyrics and vocals by OVEOUS
Mastered by Martin Iveson at ARCo. Labs
Published by Westbury Music Ltd / Moca Arts ASCAP
Video Production & Styling by Jennifer Pons
C&P 2014 Atjazz Record Company