Strictly abstract music from the best in the BIZZ!

Yota One…

The first compilation from the Years Of The Abstract series features ten wonderful peices of music made by five very talented producers, Mizgir, Atjazz, Jonatan Backelie, Si Tew & Sygaire. Years Of The Abstract is a project based on modern music production with total respect of freedom for the writers involved.

A little about the artists & their creations on Yota One.

Beamed to us from another planet, Mizgir’s sound is more than a galactic space journey, as it is also very organic to the ear. With a nod to traditional Indian instruments seamlessly melding with amazing technical production accuracy “Surya” & “Ya-Rus” offer up layers of distant haunting vocal bites which breathe fresh air into what is becoming a claustrophobic musical scene.

Swerving to the side of his normal output, Atjazz has made up a musical soup of non-genre specific sound. Emptying his mind and letting the sound flow, “Khora” and “Khora Rhythm” set sail with analogue sequences utilising the amazing Korg Monopoly keyboard for a majority of the musical elements. Distant echoes of what has just been create a sound-scape that backs up some very interesting rhythm programming.

The multi talented instrumentalist, singer and beat-smith Jonatan Backelie takes a healthy side step from the centre with his amazing offerings, “Rave To The Bottom” & “StepTo The Bottom” immediately setting out their intentions of lighting up any well-seasoned dance-floor. These songs are really not for the faint hearted as Jonatan peppers the production with 8 bit synth swatches that are not afraid to sit right out front. The intense work put into these songs is obvious.

Strong and perfectly produced powerful downbeat music from Si Tew. “Cut” & “Run” have a very serious tone and while still glitchy in their build they never once loose control. These two songs are born from emotional difficulties and are very vibrant pieces of work. Si’s typically heavy music is of course backed up by some of his trademark sturdy beat-bones.

Roskow Kretschmann, or otherwise known as Sygaire, Intega and Kosma was one of the founding members and main producers of the world famous “Jazzanova“. His work on their “In-Between” album is something of a world wonder. This man is an amazing studio workman and incredibly humble to boot. “Dschumm” & “Dschumm (Enzo Elia Neukölln Boulevard Remix) are a testament to how much work studio producers put into their work, the detail and thought behind these 2 wonders is inspiring.