Clyde Beats – Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)

Clyde Beats returns with “Hyper Reality 2: An English Gentleman”, a follow-up to his 2004 debut, bringing his signature wonky beats and disregard for quantization and traditional musicianship. This latest album is more polished, funkier, and deeper than its predecessor, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Stream & Download: Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)

If you like your beats wonky and enjoyed this album’s predecessor, 2004’s ‘Hyper Reality’, then you’ll love ‘Hyper Reality 2: An English Gentleman’, available on Atjazz Record Company. Clyde Beats (formerly Clyde) is back from the future with his next instalment, only this time it’s more polished, funkier and deeper. But as before, this release shows as much contempt towards quantisation as it does orthodox musicianship throughout.

The mood is set as ‘Hyper Reality 2: An English Gentleman’ opens with ‘See Your True Self’. A Prophet 5 synth line sets the atmosphere, complemented by a cheeky, yet assured Rhodes hook, both elegantly delivered by Atjazz. Clyde Beatses rich vocal moodily saunters over a jerky beat and upright bass hook.

‘It’s True’ sees Clyde Beats reunited with hugely-talented vocalist and co-songwriter, Jane Hamilton, which is closely followed by the album’s house-oriented track, ‘ILVURSND’. ‘Rising Up’ proudly features a vocalist Clyde Beats has eagerly followed for some years through her Tokyo Dawn releases: Amalia sings about a chronicle of ascension over Clyde Beatses somewhat 80s-meets-Boom bap sound. Elegant horns come courtesy of Octavio N. Santos who also contributes similar flava to ‘Better’, ‘Hold Me Back’, and ‘I Quit’: a track he spits on under his Swanky Swagger moniker.

‘Hold Me Back’ was co-written with another long-time collaborator and friend, Peacey. Having recovered from ‘challenging breakups’, they yet again documented their shared experiences and wrote together. ‘Better’ reflects on how toxic partners ultimately contributed towards them being stronger people.

Another single, ‘Hello World feat. OVEOUS’ is a tough, minimalistic, beat-driven joint. It knocks, and on top of it, OVEOUS delivers rhymes as hard as they are spiritual.

“The term ‘An English Gentleman’ is a proud reference to the UK’s distinctive sounds and it’s a play on the Britishness of characters including James Bond. It’s also how an overseas girlfriend would humorously refer to me in the company of her friends”, mused Clyde Beats.