Clyde Beats – Risiing Up (feat. Amalia)

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”. 21 years after his massive broken beat slammer ‘SERVE IT UP (FEAT. CAPITOL A.)’ The Jerk-Beat Master ‘Clyde Beats’ returns with his new long player.

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Stepping back into the future, ‘Rising Up (feat. ‘Amalia’)’ is Clyde Beats’ premier single from his new album ‘Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)’.

As the title suggests, ‘Rising Up’ documents a quest for positive living. Amalia’s sassy delivery complements Clyde Beats’ somewhat retro hip-hop production incredibly well. The result is a rewarding tune you’ll want to turn up loud and play on repeat.

From a boom-bap-type beat, a TB303 riff and a very 80s-sounding bassline, live horns by Clyde Beats’ long-time collaborator, ‘Octavio N. Santos’, juxtapose this very feel-good tune.

“Having followed Amalia’s astounding career, the opportunity to work with her was an appealing one, to say the least”, mused Clyde Beats. “With many of my musical values hailing from the early 90s, I thought ‘Amalia’ and I could revisit that era together. I’m delighted I invited her because her performance is simply outstanding. This is a tune I’m very proud to release”, he concluded.